The service that changed the loan market


There are new times now and it requires modern services. Before the information society, competition was very limited, we chose the products and services based on habits, recommendations and according to what our relatives have done for generations.

When much of the trade moved onto the Internet came a new opportunity – to quickly compare the price of goods and services. It took a little longer before Good Finance came to focus on services, as they are difficult to compare because of their differences. With advanced technology we can now also compare more complicated services such as loans.

Are you paying too much for your loans?


Set the lenders against each other and compare their best offers, it gives you the best position to borrow money quickly with low interest and good terms. Comparing loans online is convenient, easy and you will be notified quickly.

This is the end of running around and chasing lenders, or sitting in long telephone queues to try to get hold of your bank. You no longer have to dance after the bank’s pipe and risk getting a no straight in the face. Stop paying too much for your loans, make like a smart consumer – compare loans!

Now you decide

Good Finance are driven to strengthen your position as a borrower in relation to the lender. We understand that competition is the key to good loan terms and thus developed intelligent and powerful services that make it easy to set lenders against each other and compare their best deals.

You no longer have to wait for hours at the bank to talk to your personal banker. You do not have to, face to face, explain your personal situation and ask the bank to lend you money. Now the lenders are instead asking YOU to lend money. It’s a revolution that you should definitely take advantage of. Do not go the comfortable way and take the first loan offer that pops up, there will your wallet thank you for.

World class customer service


Our customer service is always there for you if you need, all weekdays by phone and mail. When you apply for a loan through Good Finance, we give you always 30 days to think, so you have plenty of time to think before you decide.

You can use the money for whatever you want and have plenty of time to ponder. Should you regret, you can repay the entire loan whenever you want at no extra cost.

Does Good Finance only take credit information?

Does Good Finance only take credit information?

Yes, we only do one credit report that the lenders can then share. You can get multiple request copies from the lenders who have looked at your credit report.

By law, you always called omfrågningskopior from those who took part of the credit report. The copies are only information to you as a borrower and do not affect your credit rating.

How can Good Finance be free?

Applying for a loan with Good Finance are completely free and there are no interest charges or hidden costs. This is possible by charging a fee from the lenders to Good Finance. The lenders would like to be seen with Good Finance because it is a marketing channel for them, just like television or radio advertising. Therefore, we have been able to gather so many banks with us. Thus, it is the banks that pay to enable you to compare loans. Free service – just as it should be.


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