New volunteer fire station to reduce insurance costs


DORCHESTER COUNTY, SC (WCSC) – Construction is underway for a new fire station in Dorchester County.

Officials say the new station will increase fire protection in rural areas of the county and reduce the cost of home insurance for area residents.

The Sandridge Fire Station is a volunteer fire station that has been strategically placed to reduce fire ratings in the area and lower insurance premiums for homeowners.

It is currently under construction in Dorchester County on Sandridge Road.

Dorchester County Fire Chief Tres Atkinson said adding the station could cut nearby homeowners’ insurance premiums in half.

He said the Sandridge Fire Station will protect rural areas of the county, which will be reflected in insurance rates.

Being a volunteer station, it will not be fully staffed. Atkinson said if a call is nearby, local volunteers can pick up a truck and gear at the new station and leave.

The closest fully staffed stations are St. George, Harleysville, and Ridgeville, leaving what Atkinson described as a “doughnut hole” that none of the fully staffed stations cover.

Atkinson said there are many advantages to having a station in this area.

“Firstly it helps in their wallets because it saves them money by setting up this station. And then of course it’s also a community thing. Bringing people together for joint calls and that helps create a camaraderie,” Atkinson said.

Construction of the fire station is expected to be completed by the end of the year. For more information on volunteer fire programs in Dorchester County, Click here.

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