Car insurance in Switzerland – expensive for seniors


The gender, the nationality and also the age of a driver in Switzerland are criteria that can greatly influence the premium level at the car insurance Switzerland . In some cases, premiums can be up to three times higher than for a middle-aged Swiss driver. For seniors over 70 years, the surcharge can be 30 percent. Women get cheaper premiums that are about 10 percent lower than men’s. This is very unusual for Switzerland, since it was not until 1971 that women were allowed to vote. And people of foreign nationality can even expect surcharges of up to 40 to 45 percent. In the worst case, therefore, a foreigner over the age of 70 applies for car insurance in Switzerland – which is particularly expensive.

In comparison: young people


But you pay even more in Switzerland when you’re young and just got your ticket. About 2.5 times as much as a senior over the age of 70 pay young people. In Switzerland, the partial insurance covers only damage events that do not depend on driving behavior. Most insurance companies offer three age groups in Switzerland. Of course, the fully comprehensive insurance is also much more expensive in Switzerland than the partial comprehensive insurance. With the seniors it depends also very strongly on the insurance company. For some, the contributions are no higher than those for middle-aged adults.

Women often disadvantaged in premiums

Something with which emigrants, in particular, can not count on, is that many in Switzerland still think that women should not have been given the right to vote. Instead, in the traditional role allocation, they still see the woman as a housewife and mother. Officially, this has nothing to do with the Swiss national pride or misogyny. In the meantime, however, it is precisely what insurance in Switzerland is about, that one thinks here a bit more equal. Women and men receive the same premium offers for car insurance. But this is also due to the fact that there are now international cooperations behind the insurance companies in Switzerland.


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