2022 Best Cheap Home Insurance in Louisiana | The Motley Fool


The best homeowners insurance in Louisiana is a good mix of low prices, comprehensive coverage, and excellent customer service. To find that mix, it helps to understand the types of home insurance and how to get discounts that keep premiums manageable.

Types of homeowners coverage

Homeowners coverage is never a one-size-fits-all proposition. Most insurance companies offer eight types of policies, six of which are designed for traditional (non-mobile) homeowners. These policies range from basic coverage to policies with all the bells and whistles, and prices vary accordingly. The best home insurance companies offer them all.

Cover level

While it is true that a basic policy is better than none, a minimum policy may not fully cover all losses. The best thing any homeowner can do is shop around for the most comprehensive coverage they can afford.

Deductible amount

A homeowner who makes a claim is usually required to pay a deductible for the cost of the repair or replacement. Let’s say there’s a fire in a garage and the cost to fix it is $12,000. If there is a $500 deductible on the policy, the homeowner pays the contractor $500 and the insurance company covers the remaining $11,500. The lower the owner’s deductible, the higher the policy premium. One way to reduce premium costs is to choose a higher deductible.

Potential discounts

One of the easiest ways to get cheap homeowners insurance in Louisiana is to take advantage of insurance company discounts. Before deciding which font is the best, it helps to know how much each font costs after discounts are taken into account. Most insurance companies offer discounts on home insurance. These discounts range from whether the owner is a smoker to whether or not there is a smoke alarm on the premises.


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